Candy Takeover – BIG SUCCESS!!

Howdy Helpers! Just today, Help Force logged onto Zipline and hosted their Candy Takeover Event!! 

As usual, the event was perfect however max was UNBELIEVABLE – maxing 88!! With the advantage of more troops, we were able to try out new formations and tactics. A HUGE thanks to everyone who came and supported us throughout the event! ❤

Continue reading to see some brilliant pictures as well as a special video taken at the event! Huge shoutout to Rorange for making the amazing video for the event!!

Max: 88

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Faces Of The Force – Fxizaxx

Hey Helpers! Welcome to October 18’s Faces Of The Force! 

You guys have come from so many different places. Whether you found us recruiting on CPO and were introduced from to armies because of us, or you joined us through another army. You’re all as valuable as the army itself.

For this week’s face, we’re looking at someone from the latter way of joining. She has joined Help Force and had been giving it her all ever since; Fxizaxx (Faz)!

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Get to Know the Help Force Staff: Aoao6

Hey Helpers! Every Help Force moderator has a unique aspect that they identify with, whether it’s Juanita’s typos, Lottie’s lollipops, Moon’s chicken nuggets or Tistle’s tuba. We now get to know more about Aoao, a Help Force 3IC who identifies with clowns. Through this interview, you will gain more insight into who he is and may even learn something new like I did. Please continue reading to see what happened:

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Faces Of The Force – ROOBOO

Hey Helpers! Welcome back to this week’s edition of Faces Of The Force!

To be a vital Helper, you don’t have to spend your life on Discord. To be a vital Helper, you don’t have to talk 24/7. All that we require of you is your attendance, following of rules, and Help Force spirit! We notice each and every one of you and all the things that you do for the Force.

This week’s face is a little less known than last week’s. However, this week’s face has worked just as hard to be the best helper they can be. This week’s Face is none other than ROOBOO!
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Defense of Blizzard – SUCCESS

Hey there Helpers! Just Recently, Help Force logged onto Blizzard and successfully defended their alliance server, Blizzard from the Templars!

We crushed Templers in all the rooms — Town, Stadium and Snow forts. The members showed their hype and enthusiasm throughout the event. In addition to that, the tactics and formations were very deftly done! Also, A Huge shoutout and thank you to Tyler for leading this battle against templars.

Here are a few pictures that were taken during the event :

MAX: 60+

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Faces Of The Force – Katty

Hey Helpers! As you may have noticed, I am not Beni. You may have also noticed, there hasn’t been a Face Of The Force in a while. Beni has trusted me with resuming this very important blog that she hasn’t been able to write in a while. 

You helpers deserve to be recognized for your hard work. After all, you’re the gears that make the Help Force machine work. As a mod, all I do is add oil once in a while to make sure you’re running smoothly. You guys are everything to the force. This is why Faces Of The Force is being picked up.

For my first face as the writer of this blog, we’re going to someone you all should be familiar with, our current reining GoTW: Katty!

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Shad’s Random Post

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Random Video
  • Random Story
  • Random Tips
  • Random song
  • Outro

Shad’s Office-Greetings to all readers! I, The One and Only Shad, have decided to make a random post! This post will contain a random video, one of my iconic stories, some tips since I haven’t posted any in awhile, and a random song of my choosing. I hope you all enjoy this random(and rare) post of mine! Enjoy!

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