The Help Force Diaries

Hey there Helpers! Welcome to the Help Force Diaries, a brand new series with fun updates on the going-ons inside Help Force! This series will focus on everything exciting that happens within Help Force and the community, including Battles, Fun Events, Promotions and some juicy gossip in the server! It is transcribed as if it were a real diary, written in a regular helper’s point-of-view, which differentiates itself from the other posts on the website! This series will be weekly to make sure you guys keep up with everything Help Force!

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Get to Know the Help Force Staff: Aoao6

Hey Helpers! Every Help Force moderator has a unique aspect that they identify with, whether it’s Juanita’s typos, Lottie’s lollipops, Moon’s chicken nuggets or Tistle’s tuba. We now get to know more about Aoao, a Help Force 3IC who identifies with clowns. Through this interview, you will gain more insight into who he is and may even learn something new like I did. Please continue reading to see what happened:

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The Retirement Post – Ayan’s Retirement

Starting this Post itself gives me Chills. Never had I thought that a time would come where I would have to leave the Community , The Family , The Club Penguin Online’s Army I formed : The Help Force.

If this Post has been Published , It means that I , Unfortunately have retired from all the Armies , The Help Force and each Community which I was in the Virtual World.

Click on the “Read More” to Go through the Entire Journey of me and the Help Force.
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Truth about the Modern Day Armies – Insight

Hey there Helpers , It’s been a Long run for Help Force in the Army Community and many of you have participated , Enjoyed yourself to the Fullest of it. But there’s questions in everyone’s mind always.

We , in this post would be seeing their answers along with some Important Statements from the Help Force Leading Team.

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The Help Force Beacon

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Random Facts
  • Story of the Week
  • Ask Shad
  • Talking with Troops
  • The HF Bunch

Shad’s Office~Welcome to another edition of The Help Force Beacon! Where I, Shad, give you an insight in this beautiful world and bring you the answer of life! Well…not really, but you get my drift. Anyways, in this edition I will not be doing tips this week as I have ran out of tips. So I will do some random facts in its place. Along with that I will be continuing on with my story from last week. Will Virt die? What did Shad see? What happens next? After that we will follow up with the famous “Ask Shad” article and the finish up with Talking with Troops! So what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading the intro?! CLICK READ MORE ALREADY JEEZ!

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