Help Force Battle Techniques

Hey Helpers! When in battle there are a few techniques that are used to create a strong defense. In the Help Force, the main techniques we use include Waterfall, Tornado, Explosion, and Bomb. To break it down this is what each technique means:

  • Waterfall: Run up and down whilst repeating a tactic.
  • Tornado: Run clockwise (in circles) whilst repeating a tactic.
  • Explosion: Run around the room from one area, whether it’s piling up in the corner or gathering in the bleachers, whilst repeating a tactic.
  • Bomb: Run around the room whilst repeating a tactic, most commonly used when Joke Bombing. Remember to press J once.

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How To: Igloo Raids

Welcome to the Tutorials of Events. Today we take a look at one of the exciting events called Igloo Raids.

The HF hosts amazing events like the igloo raids.For Igloo Raids an announcement is given 24 Hours or earlier. In that announcement we are given a form! In that form we are required to say our Penguin name to make identifying easier. When the event starts it is usually the first person who filled the form in. one of the reasons for an Iggy Raid was so we could get the 30 Penguin Igloo Party Stamp!

The event is normally hosted by the Mother Cow of HF CPO Spotty.

The process is as follows:-

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3.5k Helpers Party – SUCCESS !

Hey there Helpers , The Army on Saturday logged into Zipline to host one of the Biggest Party CPO has ever witnessed ! It was a celebration for reaching 3.5 k Members in the Help Force Discord Server !

The Event was the biggest one in Help Force’s History , Maxing around 65 ! Back in December , We had maxed 61 , During the Golden age and now it appears that as People are on vacations , The Golden Age of HF is returning Back 😀

Here are some Pictures from the Event :

Max : 65

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Hello Helpers! This Saturday Help Force logged onto Zipline to practice formations and tactics. We also managed to help our members earn harder stamps and overall, the event was spectacular with perfect formations and ease to get those hard stamps, in other words, the event was a great success 🙂

Here are some pictures that were captured at the event :

Max: 35

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Event – Power of the Army !

Hey there Helpers , This Saturday , Help Force logged into Zipline to host their Huge Event – Power of the Army + Dance Party.
The Event was a Success as we managed to grab some difficult stamps along with forming perfect Formations in different rooms !

Here are some Pictures and the Video from the Event :

Max : 55+

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Help Force Revival Event

The Participation from some weeks was in tits-and-bits and everyone in the Army was waiting for a Huge Event.
The Staff team worked hard and put immense amounts of effort into recruiting along with the Helpers who participated in those segments.

The Help Force came back in full Power this Saturday with their Revival Event !
Here are the Pictures along with the Video of the Event :

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