Saturday Army Training

Hey Helpers! This Saturday, Help Force logged onto Zipline for their Saturday Army Training!

It was an event training the army for any forthcoming events! The event was lead by our leaders — Spotty, Lottie and Tistle. The event went well with all the tactics and formations being done neatly and deftly!

Here are some of the Pictures taken during Event:


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Pre – Halloween Event

Hey there Helpers! On Saturday, Help Force logged onto Zipline and held their Pre-Halloween Event!

It was an event to get Help Force ready for Halloween and their huge Halloween Themed Week with themed events for each team — Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves and Skeletons! (DM Spotty to join a team if you haven’t been put in one yet)

The tactics and formations were done neatly and with enthusiasm! Here are a few pictures from the event:


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Defense of Blizzard – SUCCESS

Hey there Helpers! Just Recently, Help Force logged onto Blizzard and successfully defended their alliance server, Blizzard from the Templars!

We crushed Templers in all the rooms — Town, Stadium and Snow forts. The members showed their hype and enthusiasm throughout the event. In addition to that, the tactics and formations were very deftly done! Also, A Huge shoutout and thank you to Tyler for leading this battle against templars.

Here are a few pictures that were taken during the event :

MAX: 60+

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Summer Bash – Semi-Finals

Hey there Helpers! On Saturday, Help Force logged onto Husky for the semi-final in the Summer Bash against the Light Troops!

Unlike our previous opponents, Light Troops had logged onto husky for the battle but as we proceeded onto the second room, light troops decided to forfeit the battle; giving  Help Force the victory! Instead of logging off then and there, Help Force decided to finish off the second room!

Compared to our past few events, we maxed much more! Showing us that all the recruiting we did, has not gone to waste! Keep Unleashing the power of Helping and I hope to see you all at the finals of the Summer Bash Tournament!!

Here are some pictures that were taken during the Event :

MAX: 66

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NAA Boots Defence – SUCCESS

Hi there Helpers! Last Sunday, The National Armies Alliance consisting of The Royal Family of CP, The Aliens of CPO and The Help Force Logged onto Slushy and successfully defended their territory, Boots from the Templars.

Together we won both, the Ice Berg and the Town! Here are some pictures that were taken during the battle :

MAX: 40+


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