Face Of The Force – SleepyKendall

Hey Helpers! It’s been a while! But welcome to Face Of The Force!

Sorry for the rather long delay, I’ve been pretty busy lately. However, I’ll always return to this! Face Of The Force is how you guys know we appreciate you. I can’t tell you guys how important you are to the Force enough. You’re everything. And to make it up to you, I’ll be doing another Face this week! So keep a lookout for it!

Enough of the sappy stuff, let’s get onto this week’s Face!

Some people take to HF like a fish to water. One of these people is our Face. The first Face Of The Force for this week is none other than SleepyKendall (Kendall)!

Kendall joined Help Force just over a month ago, and she’s already a name you’ll recognize almost instantly. Kendall attends huge quantities of segments, is always seen being kind to others in general, and being a generally amazing person. She dove headfirst into Help Force and hasn’t come up for air yet! Kendall has very much earned her spot as a face.

Without further ado; the interview.




Ok, Kendall! What made you so active in Help Force so quickly?


The community was straight up amazing and I actually felt like people noticed me. I also really enjoyed doing recruitments overall. I also became really active because I was really motivated to try and get all the ranks and stuff.


Ofc we notice you! How could we not notice how quickly you integrated yourself into the community! Moving on for a brief second to talk about your seg attendance; Have you been aiming to be so high on the leaderboard?


Yes and no at the same time. I mostly just attend segments because of the joy it gives me. At the same time though I have been aiming higher up because again, to get noticed and having high points just makes me proud of myself. Maybe to get GoTW once


Stealing GoTW from Katty is always a great joy. To continue our Help Force theme, what’s been your favorite thing about the Force so far?


Oh boy, there’s so many of my favorite things about HF. I guess I would have to say the people, everyone is so unique in their own way and I love meeting new people in general.


Really, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the people make the Force. Let’s move onto talking about a very special person! What do you like to do outside of spending time in HF?


Well, I’m a gamer so I spend a lot of my time playing video games, sometimes with friends. Outside of that I really enjoy swimming and doing art in my free time.


Oooooo, maybe you’d like to share said art sometime! Art-Memes is always open Kendall. Carrying on talking about you, what three words would you say describe you best?


Hmm, that’s quite a tough question. If I had to pick I would say I’m really energetic, surprisingly shy, and goofy once you get to know me well.


I’d have to agree with those words Kendall! We’re nearly done now. Is there a staff member (or just normal member) that you particularly look up to or appreciate?


I would have to say that it would be quite hard to just pick one. All the Staff members and normal members are all so different. I often see myself looking up to everyone and I appreciate every member in HelpForce.


Awww, you’re so sweet Kendall! I wish I could stay here and ask about you all night, but I’m afraid we have to wrap this up. Do you have any final words for the Helpers reading?


You are all so amazing and special, KEEP UNLEASHING THE POWER OF HELPING

Remember to keep unleashing the power of helping to be featured as this week’s second Face of The Force! That’s all for now helpers!

~ Moon


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