Candy Takeover – BIG SUCCESS!!

Howdy Helpers! Just today, Help Force logged onto Zipline and hosted their Candy Takeover Event!! 

As usual, the event was perfect however max was UNBELIEVABLE – maxing 88!! With the advantage of more troops, we were able to try out new formations and tactics. A HUGE thanks to everyone who came and supported us throughout the event! ❤

Continue reading to see some brilliant pictures as well as a special video taken at the event! Huge shoutout to Rorange for making the amazing video for the event!!

Max: 88

>>Comment if you attended the Event<<

2 thoughts on “Candy Takeover – BIG SUCCESS!!

  1. What an emotional and touching feeling to see u be a part of making history..!!..! This really makes me so proud to see us as a family do this..!! Like wow really and I’m so proud of everyone with all my heart..!! Till every time..!!..!!☺️😍🌈❤️💛💜💚💙🧡

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